CsillaWear: A New Face in Fashion

Originally published in Buzzine Magazine, December 2008

This designer’s line is catching fire and lighting up the closets of fashionistas everywhere.

Baby it’s cold outside, (well at least in New York it’s freezing) but if you’d like to be hot, slip into CsillaWear and shed some new light on your wardrobe.

If you have ever wondered how a brand catches fire, you are about to find out. It takes more than traditional marketing and simply waiting for the throng of enamored shoppers to show up. In fact, when you keep an eye on the designer Csilla Somogyi, she will show you how exactly she gets (and keeps) all fashion eyes on her line.

Welcome to the Tour de CsillaWear, destination: your closet.

I was first captivated by the spring 2009 collection at the mid-October presentation held at the venue Arena. The hot midtown nightclub had been transformed into an upscale runway where attendees watched the stylishly clad models descended down to the catwalk. Immediately intrigued by the smooth lines and the flowing fabrics of CsillaWear, I knew had to uncover the tale behind these creations.

When it comes to clothing, Csilla believes “people love a story behind it,” so New York’s downtown Max Brenner café is where I got the inside scoop. I took some time out from the cold outside to spend time inside and chat with established fashion designer Csilla Somogyi one on one.

“Enthusiasm and real genuine grass roots approach is what we have going for us,” she said. “The Spring 2009 has an unexpected feel to it.”

Well expect to fall in love.

“They make everyone feel sexy,” CsillaWear marketing director Jonathan Beirn said.

Curious fashion lovers looking for something interesting for the holidays can certainly bank on Csilla to deliver fresh threads for 2009. Originally from Hungary, her designs are unlike what you can find hanging in any old department store. A first glimpse of CsillaWear shows flattering silhouettes, a mix of classic and trendy, and a perfect choice for any woman at any age.

For Csilla, customer care is top priority and in fact, one of her loyal clients described her clothing as having the ability to “hide a myriad of sins.”

After the show at Arena, the next stop was Flute Champagne Lounge for the private guest-list only after party “Hot Off the Runway.” DJ Silk was spinning that night and as promised, champagne flowed all evening.

However, that is not the only bash where Csilla has been seen this fall. This is a lady who keeps herself (and her line) on the front lines of New York City’s hottest and most exclusive parities and events. This includes a pre-Halloween bash at 230 Fifth Avenue (a venue that boasts a large lounge and an open rooftop area) and a private party at the Gansevoort Hotel.

Always on the move to the next big event, keeping up with the CsillaWear entourage is like training for a NYC marathon and, with a passion for charity and good causes, Csilla also thinks Green.

All fabric is used and production is done right in New York. “When production is done overseas there is a lot of wasted fabric,” she said. With a line that is made locally, her enterprise has a carbon footprint that is smaller than many other fashion lines.

Small might describe the carbon footprint but it hardly the word to describe where the CsillaWear is headed.

“We are looking for new ways to be ourselves on a bigger scale,” Beirn said.

Her clothing can be found at www.csillawear.com, but after browsing the site, her designs are sure to end up in your personal wardrobe.

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